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veloToze cooling vest


Heat is the one element that is often overlooked by cyclists. Excessive heat increases the risk of dehydration which lead to fatigue, muscle cramps, and decreased performance. During exercise, our body produces 20 times the amount of heat compared to resting, so it works much harder just to keep cool. This is especially prevalent for indoor cycling which lead to the design of our Cooling Vest.

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veloToze Cooling Vest with Cooling PacksveloToze Cooling Vest with Cooling Packs
veloToze Cycling Sock - Active Compression with CoolmaxveloToze Cycling Sock - Active Compression with Coolmax
veloToze Aero Sock - White Front ViewveloToze Aero Sock - White - Back of Sock
Aero Socks Sale price£31.90
veloToze Aero GloveveloToze Aero Glove
Aero Gloves Sale price£31.90
veloToze Aero Socks Extra Tall - XTveloToze Aero Socks Extra Tall - XT
Aero Socks Extra Tall - XT Sale price£35.90
veloToze Aero Socks Extra Extra Tall - XXTveloToze Aero Socks Extra Extra Tall - XXT
Featherweight GlovesFeatherweight Gloves
Featherweight Gloves Sale price£29.90
Lightweight SocksLightweight Socks
Lightweight Socks Sale price£11.90